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Drupal, Openshift, Symfony… Take advantage of our expertise and knowledge on multiple technologies. We are in control of the entire life cycle of a Web application, from its development to its deployment.
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We help you define your global strategy. Our consultants highlight the technical and digital areas for improvement. With Nassaz, you have a medium and long term vision of your web projects.
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Nassaz brings you a unique artistic vision. We adopt innovative approaches and methods to define the graphic design and creation around a web application.
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Data is a central element in a web application. Nassaz masters all the issues related to data management: security, storage, processing, transfer, display. Depending on the complexity and volume of data to be processed, we offer high-performance and intelligent solutions to facilitate their management and maintainability.
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Industrialization technologies

OVH Cloud
Amazon Web Services
Our expertise
We offer you quality services, with a mastery of every detail of the solution used.

Overview of our expertise

Drupal Web applications at scale

Drupal is our #1 choice for designing and building large-scale web applications.

Solr Smart search

Solr is our preferred solution for developing any type of search engine, from the simplest to the most complex.

Kubernetes Containerized applications

Kubernetes and Openshift are among our favorite solutions for implementing containerized applications in production.